Facility management

Rent out your investment with us

Have you bought a holiday flat or a holiday home in the beautiful Austria, and you aren’t able to use it all year round? Then there is the possibility to rent your property for the rest of the year. This way you give other people the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the ski runs around the wonderful cities of Austria.

Furthermore, by renting out your property, you can refinance part of the costs for the property in a simple and secure way. However, since you are not on site yourself, you would need a powerful partner to do this for you.

Our sister company AlpenTravel, will be happy to take over these tasks for you if you wish. This will save you time and effort. In addition, you can be sure that your property will be professionally and reliably taken care of and rented out for a satisfactory amount of time.

All-round service and management of your property

Together with our partner company AlpenTravel we offer a competent all-round service for the rental of your holiday property in the Austrian alps. Our range of services includes; the rental of the property itself, general management, cleaning and other related tasks. Simply let us know when you want to visit your holiday home. We will then ensure that the property is optimally occupied by holiday guests and tourists during the remaining periods.

We ensure that the keys are handed over to the respective tenants and make sure that a professional and thorough final cleaning takes place after the end of the rental period. In addition, we determine any damage and ensure that it is repaired and that the responsible tenant pays the costs.

We also reliably and competently take care of all other administrative tasks in connection with the use of your holiday property, so that you do not have to worry about anything. Instead, simply enjoy the time you spend staying in your own home in the breathtaking alps of Austria.

Refinance your holiday property by renting it out temporarily

Since it is not possible for most owners to permanently use their holiday property, it is a good idea to rent it out during the rest of the time. Since holidays in the Austrian alps are very popular, the chances to achieve a very good occupancy is good. You do not take any risks, as we take care of all administrative tasks on your behalf. By renting out your property to tourists, you can significantly shorten the duration of the financing and noticeably reduce your own financial expenditure.